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ACME Group

Project Location

    – Hillsdale Michigian

Project Overview

    – 24,000 sq ft of dryfall ceiling paintwork
    – 12,500 sq ft of wall painting
    – 60,500 sq ft of industrial pressure washing

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Project Details

This project involved an old screw machine shop that had poor fresh air qualities in the past. Machine oil was dripping from ceiling due to improper venting. The ceiling had been previously painted. Previous contractor did not clean the surface very well. Majority of old coating was removed by using the latest hot water pressure washing technology from All Spray in Swanton, OH. (www.all-spray.com) We were able to prepare all surfaces for coating application.

The ceiling received Sherwin Williams eggshell Dryfall. All walls were primed with bonding primer to promote adhesion due to oil ridden wall board. Sherwin Williams High Performance Acrylic was used on the walls as a top coat.

All steel columns had Sherwin Williams Tile Clad epoxy applied to complete the project for it's new tenant.


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