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Fulton County Processing - Industrial Coating

Project Location

    – Delta Ohio

Project Overview

    – 38,000 sq ft of new construction ceiling structural steel
    – 32,500 sq ft of new construction wall structural steel
    – 20,000 sq ft of acid rusted ceiling structural steel
    – 17,500 sq ft of acid rusted wall structural steel
    – 6,750 sq ft of industrial grade polished concrete

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Project Details

1st phase of project was coating new construction steel substrate with Sherwin Williams Macro Epoxy HS. Client built a state of the art steel pickling line and wanted to protect steel from rusting out. The old line rusted out sections of the roof and walls over the course of 15yrs.

2nd phase of project involved bringing the old space back to life. We chemically treated the rusty steel with a etching solution and removed all loose rust with a 4000psi 6 gallon a minute pressure washer. We immediately coated the steel with Sherwin Williams Macro Epoxy to meet the high millage spec from Sherwin Williams to prevent future rusting.

The old floor had several spots of damage where old machines were anchored. Floor had minor acid damage in some areas. Floor had several uneven lips. Our client goal was to even out all areas and provide a easy to clean surface. We filled all areas and grinded the uneven spots to flush up the surface. This floor was a tough candidate for polish, but the client wasn’t after a perfect aestheticly pleasing floor. The focus was on ease of cleaning and a safe travel route for the large steel coils being handled in the area. Client was 110% happy with finished product


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